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Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to bringing you world-class finishes is backed by our pledge to look after our environment while doing so. We are especially interested in, and excited by, the market for environmentally sensitive technologies and carbon neutral products.

About Our Company

When building, renovating or redoing any space, there are a number of aspects to consider – not least of all the interior and exterior finishes. Finishes are as important as the foundation. It is the detail that turns your bathroom into a sanctuary, your kitchen into a culinary playground or your retail or office space into a cutting-edge environment. From basins, tub decks and counter tops to furnishing finishes and specialised papers, we are able to offer you complete finishing solutions. Our range of products complement a variety of applications and are backed by global manufacturers.

Finishing Surface Products of the Highest Standard.

Salvocorp was established through the vast experience and technical expertise of its founders. Since the company’s inception, it has grown into the leading supplier of cutting-edge products in interior and exterior finishing solutions.

When it comes to redoing your kitchen, bathroom, office space or restaurant, we constantly strive to deliver products that are of the highest standard. Simply put, we provide you with the tools you need to put your unique stamp on any room and create an unrivalled, one-of-a-kind space.

We work with the general public as well as industry professionals like architects, property developers, interior designers and members of the building industry.

What we do:

We think about the issues, we distribute the products and represent different producers. Our strength lies in well thought out wood-based materials and compact laminates. We see ourselves as a production facility, a service partner and a design partner. Only because we are highly competent in all three fields can we make top-class performance a matter of course.

What we are proud of

We stand for sustainability, wherever you look: creative brains who are already making an active mark today on the design and product trends of the future; materials created from sustainable resources; and energy that is sustainably produced and supplies “green” electricity and district heating far beyond our own requirements.

Go Ahead. You Can Rely on Us.

Our Flagship Brands


FunderMax creates an extensive range of versatile, durable and visually impressive compact and high-pressure laminates for exterior and interior spaces that are distinctly yours.

Perago Quartz

Perago Quartz engineered stone is beautiful, hygienic and resistant to heat and scratching.


Staron Solid Surfaces are made of 100% durable acrylic material and are extremely versatile, allowing you to turn your ambitious interior designs into reality.

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