Wondering whether to consider FunderMax Exterior for your home or business? A highly versatile, durable solution made from high pressure laminates, this product has been specially formulated for exterior environments. It can be used to create unique patio areas, decorative wall panelling and facades, as well as balconies.

Whether used for homes, retail outlets, restaurants, schools, spas, hotels or just about any other premises, FunderMax Exterior offers numerous benefits, from durability all the way to versatility. A wide range of colours and textures are offered and the material is scratch-resistant and long-lasting, further adding to its appeal. FunderMax is an excellent choice over granite, cement, wood, and other material. Keep reading to find out how it can be used to create spectacular exteriors.

When to Choose FunderMax Exterior

Some of the ways that FunderMax Exterior would be the perfect choice for your outdoor spaces include the following:

1/ Facades

You can easily create dramatic focus walls that are especially powerful for any business that requires high visibility. In a restaurant, for example, you could have a facade at your entrance that easily stands out on a busy street, attracting passers-by and helping people recognise your spot instantly. In a spa, you could have a facade that is enhanced by a vertical garden, creating a soothing outdoor space that welcomes guests as they arrive. FunderMax’s facade systems include Modulo and Scaleo.

2/ Balconies and patios

You could enhance your balcony, in a residential or commercial building. Colourful balconies add plenty of visual impact, whether used in single residences or throughout an entire complex or a large multi-storied building. For single-level buildings, patios can be created and customised to your needs. Add colour and texture that blends into your brand and stand out for all the right reasons. As the exterior products are designed to be weather-proof, you won’t have to worry about losing the impact any time soon, either.

3/ Flooring

Another way that this range can be used is to create flooring for balconies and patios. Podio is a specialised floor tile that features a Hexa finish. Used for a variety of projects, these flooring slabs are easy to clean, non-slip, cushioned, and weather-resistance. Colour will not fade over time. This flooring surface can even be used in children’s playgrounds.

With plenty to offer, this solution is sure to be just what you need to create the ideal outdoor space. Contact us today to learn more about our FunderMax Exterior range.

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