The Salvocorp Interior Compact range is made of phenolic panels and high-pressure laminates.

This product is suitable for many applications.  From wall cladding, to railings and cubicles, Interior Compacts are also suitable for the restaurant industry.

Imagine a self-supporting surface that you can specify as restaurant tables. 

Various designer colours are available in different sheet sizes and thicknesses.  Thicknesses range from 2 to 20 mms.  The most popular thickness for a self-supporting tabletop is 12 mms.

Imagine specifying a compact table that is easy to install and match your brand’s colors.

Interior Compacts are suitable for high traffic areas.


Scratch resistant

Easy to clean

Solvent resistant

Impact resistant

Double hardened

Static claimable

Fire rating approved

Higher coating thickness


Silicone free

Certified quality

Integrated surface

Specify with Salvocorp

Although Salvocorp always carries core colour ranges, kindly remember to always confirm stock levels and the lead times with a Salvocorp representative.  It is also important to let representatives know when products are specified so that the councils can start to communicate with the fabricators and installers as soon as possible to ensure availability and to assist with any technical data and questions.

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