Every home interior has a mood. A well-planned home is a home that is able to create an instant mood that greets visitors from the moment they arrive. Rooms with a clearly defined colour scheme, décor style and ambience will be far more inviting to guests than a home that feels chaotic and disorganised. In this short guide, we share some ideas on how you can create a unique, personalised home interior mood that puts people at ease right away.

Creating Unique Home Interior Moods

How do you go about defining your home interior mood? You can try these simple ideas to get started.

Start with colours and styles.

The simplest place to start is with colours and styles. What sort of mood are you hoping to achieve in your home? Are you going for a country style home, a contemporary home, a mid-century style home or something completely unique? Which colours are you drawn to and how will you use these colours across each room? It is essential that you focus on the entire home for your makeover so that the mood can be brought into each room. You could choose to have each room a different colour, but trying to mix and match too many styles can end up being more discordant than interesting.

Design a mood board.

Once you have a general idea of the type of colours and the style you are aiming for, you can create a mood board that puts everything together visually. Mood boards can be made using online tools or a photo editing app. They can also be made using cardboard and magazines. On your mood board, be sure to include your colour scheme, interior style and any other details. Include each room of your home – living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, dining room, kids’ room and any other room you plan to makeover. Having a visual guide will make it a lot easier to start planning your interior.

Plan your interior.

From here, you can move on to the fun part – planning your interior. Using your mood board, start with one room and continue as each room is planned. For your kitchen, for example, you could focus on choosing the perfect kitchen counters and surfaces that fit your mood. For your bathroom, you could focus on finding the ideal tub and washbasin, with a fitted solid surface that creates a seamless effect. For your patio or home exterior, you could extend your outdoor living space to create a flawless entertaining area.

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