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With more than 50 years experience in the industry, the team behind Decor In Printing is constantly driven to deliver only the highest quality products and service. Their product range is comprised of decorative papers, melamine impregnated papers, finish foils, and edge-bandings.

This globally active Italian company is strongly committed to protecting and respecting the environment in all phases of production – from the sourcing to their raw materials to the emissions produced, and waste disposal. They are fully compliant with all local and regional environmental regulations, and constantly monitor all aspects of the operation.

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constantly driven to deliver



Pre-impregnated finish foil


Post-impregnated finish foil


One-Layer edge-bandings


Decorative print papers (30-250 gsm) (30-250 gr/m²)


High pressure melamine impregnated papers
Low pressure melamine impregnated papers

Environmental Sustainability


Decor In Printing is highly oriented to protect and respect environment and has been since the beginning very committed to put in place all needed procedures in order to be always within values prescribed from local authorities. During all production operations we very carefully check parameters of our emissions in order to always guarantee full respect of the environment.

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