Whether you are searching for the ideal material for balconies, exterior wall cladding, facades or something else, Max Compact Exterior by FunderMax offers the ideal solution. What makes this material unique is its ability to meet visual and quality guidelines. Decorative facades may look good, but they are seldom able to withstand day to day use, let alone deal with an unforeseen event such as fire or storm.

As a certified, trusted manufacturer of interior and exterior materials, FunderMax has developed a range to suit the stringent guidelines of structural safety. A durable exterior wall cladding, Max Compact Exterior is constantly adapted to ensure that it provides visual impact without losing its strength or resilience. This is why it was chosen for a highly challenging project in Mexico – the Liverpool Toluca facade. This retail store needed a facade that would stand out while still protecting the building. FunderMax was used to create this facade, which helped the store create a one-of-a-kind exterior. Read more about this project on the FunderMax blog.

Everything You Need to Know About Max Compact Exterior

There are two primary products in the Max Compact Exterior range.

Max Compact Exterior | F-Quality

The Exterior range offers a high-quality cladding in large format panels. This material is ideal for cladding balconies and for creating protection against rain and other weather conditions. These panels are durable high-pressure laminates (HPL). They use a double-hardened acrylic polyurethane resin that further enhances their weather-proofing ability. This product is globally recognised and is used in various projects of all sizes.

Max Compact Authentic | F-Quality

Another range within the Exterior product is Compact Authentic. These compact panels are smaller and are designed for cladding. The panels consist of core layers with natural textures that are enhanced by HPL presses. F-Quality products give a more natural look as they weather. Cut pieces can be mixed when maintaining to ensure an authentic look.

At Salvocorp, our goal is to help you create dazzling projects that are not only visually impressive but also functional and long-lasting. Visit our FunderMax Exterior page to learn more about our full range of products or contact us to find out more about using this material on your next project.

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