Exterior Designs for Restaurants | Salvocorp and McDonald’s Case Study


Project: McDonald’s

Products: FunderMax Exterior

Colour: Creek

Country: Nationwide across South Africa



McDonald’s is famous for its slick and modern designs.  As one of the leading exterior compact brand distributors in South Africa, Salvocorp is now providing an exterior solution to the global fast food giant.

Not only did the exterior need to be visually striking, but also had to be functional, easy to maintain, and provide a natural colour flow throughout its exterior design. FunderMax Exterior produces a wooden cladding façade that wraps around the building, while conforming to the highest technical and safety standards, as well as adhering to the required fire ratings. This material is an ideal solution for exterior designs, especially for restaurants.

McDonald’s wanted a hardy, weather resistant outdoor cladding; one that would retain its colour and quality. The material also needed to be scratch resistant, and easy to replace. FunderMax Exterior became the ideal solution, offering lightweight and durable high-pressure laminate panels that are forged under extreme pressure and heat. With double-hardened acrylic resins, these panels provide excellent weather protection, making them particularly suitable for McDonald’s need for long-lasting outdoor façades.

With a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, McDonalds selected Creek, a trendy wood grain finish that gives a natural, yet contemporary look. Each panel was cut and measured to a 75mm width at the factory in Austria as required and delivered pre-cut in the correct size for easy installation.

McDonald’s keeps up with modern trends and frequently redesigns and revamps their outlets.

Benefits of FunderMax Exterior for Restaurants

  • Extreme Resistance: The Exterior range is made to be tough. So tough, that it’s certified as extremely resistant to weather, solvents, and exposure to the sun. All exterior panels can withstand temperatures from -80°C to 180°C.
  • Impact Resistant: The FunderMax Exterior range is also impact resistant, making it ideal for restaurants that have drive-thru capabilities. It is also scratch resistant and suitable for high foot traffic areas with trolleys and prams.
  • Design: McDonald’s had unique ideas that featured curved slats, designed to wrap and hug the exterior of the building. With an impressive range of colours and finishes, as well as custom cuts and formats, there is no end to the possibilities!


Shape, colour and material all convey emotions, tell stories and inspire new ideas – and they all give a specific and modern character to our buildings. The FunderMax Exterior panels are High-Pressure Laminates, designed to withstand the toughest elements, while retaining their beauty and effectiveness. Highly certified with award-winning designs, the FunderMax name is internationally known, and globally admired.

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Although Salvocorp always carries core colour ranges, kindly remember to always confirm stock levels and the lead times with a Salvocorp representative.  It is also important to let representatives know when products are specified so that the councils can start to communicate with the fabricators and installers as soon as possible to ensure availability and to assist with any technical data and questions.

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