Versatile and durable, FunderMax m.look exterior cladding is ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether used in large-scale commercial projects or residential buildings, m.look offers a high degree of creativity and freedom. While it is certainly versatile, with a huge variety of colours and textures to choose from, this material is also incredibly durable, meeting stringent safety regulations with its fire and element-resistant material that can withstand even the strongest weather conditions. This exterior cladding can be used in a variety of building projects. These include hospitals, clinics, schools, libraries, restaurants, residential complexes, and numerous other buildings. Thanks to the wide variety of finishes available, this cladding can easily be used to personalise exteriors in a way that increases visual impact.

Why Choose FunderMax m.look Exterior Cladding?

Catering to the diverse needs of the construction and design industry, this product is flexible and practical. Some of the biggest advantages offered by FunderMax m.look exterior cladding include the following:


A large selection of colours and patterns are available in this range. Adding even more variety, m.look can be used to bring larger scale designs to life – even those over 30 metres in height. Choose from a massive diversity of styles to suit just about every type of project, from understated neutrals to bright colours and wood-style prints that mimic the surrounding environment.


The m.look range can be used on a large variety of applications. Some of the ways that this material has been used include racket-mounted facades, curtail wall infills, balcony cladding, building undersides, covering for sandwich-panel style walls, fencing elements, sliding elements, door and window fillings, prefabricated wood elements, sun protection, and many others. Depending on your needs, m.look can be used to bring your exterior design ideas to life. Depending on fire regulation laws, this product is also suitable for interior use.


m.look is also durable and practical. This range can withstand even the toughest environmental and weather conditions. It is climate resistant, UV and weather resistant, surface resistant, fire resistant, and wind resistant. Whatever the application or the location, m.look panels will always withstand wear and tear, ensuring an investment that lasts for years. Salvocorp offers a range of m.look products to suit all your requirements. To learn more about our FunderMax m.look exterior cladding solutions, get in touch with our team today.

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