You’re ready to plan your dream kitchen and now it is time to think about Staron suppliers. How do you go about finding the right supplier to install your new solid surfaces? You could do an online search or trawl through the phone book or even ask friends and family. The trouble with all of these steps is that they do not always give you the assurance that you will find the right installation specialist. To help make this process a bit easier, we have put together some tips on what to look for when finding professional Staron suppliers.

Finding Professional Staron Suppliers

Before you choose the first supplier that comes up in a search, it is always a good idea to remember that price alone should never be the only deciding factor. You may find a cheap installer who promises you a great deal, only to deliver a less than impressive service. Things to consider when searching for Staron suppliers include the following:


This is arguably one of the most important factors. Staron Solid sheets need to be carefully measured and cut so that they fit onto your counters perfectly, with no gaps or spacing issues. In order to do this, numerous things need to be taken into account, from the dimensions of your counters all the way to elements such as taps, sinks, corners, and plug points. If you plan to add a backsplash as well, the process becomes even more complex. Even the tiniest mistake in measurement can result in a countertop that cannot be fitted.


The next thing to consider is expertise. Is the installer able to give you recommendations on how to create the perfect countertop? Do they simply fit the sheets and leave it at that or do they proactively aim to ensure the best possible result? While expertise is closely linked to experience, it also plays a role in how easily the installer is able to adapt to potential challenges and how they are able to help you plan your dream kitchen or bathroom. Expertise is the difference between fit-and-forget and useful recommendations that you may not have considered before.


It is always a good idea to look for (or even ask for) testimonials from happy clients. You could also look for portfolios that offer images of successful installations. These are useful for a few reasons. They help you get an idea of the quality of workmanship, for starters. They also help you find inspiration for your own countertops, however. It can be very helpful to view images that show the various colours and styles available and how they will look in real life kitchens or bathrooms.

When choosing countertops from Salvocorp, we will always assist you in finding the ideal suppliers in your area. This helps take out the stress of finding the right person for the job and also gives you added peace of mind in knowing that you partner with the best Staron suppliers possible.

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