If you are planning on expanding your space or design a brand-new premises, involving your employees in your office renovations can be a rewarding experience for all. There is no doubt that a well-designed working environment ties in closely with employee productivity. It also goes hand in hand with employee happiness, too, which is just as important. When employees have a space that makes them feel comfortable and inspired, they are more likely to be more productive and stay working at your company. They are also more likely to feel invested in the company when they are part of any office renovations. Getting your team involved can make for an excellent team building exercise, helping to create an environment that caters to everyone. Keep reading to find out how to bring everyone on-board for your upcoming renovations.

Get Your Team Involved in Your Office Renovations

There are a few ways that you can get your employees involved in your office renovations.


The layout of your office can easily affect productivity. Certain types of businesses operate better with cubicles or smaller offices, while others function best in an open-plan layout. Talk to your team to find out what worked best in the past. How did the old layout work? Which styles inspired their best work? What changes would help them feel more at ease? You can also get employees involved in the planning and naming of common areas, such as staff patios or conference rooms.


Colour has a major impact on how people work. This is an area that will benefit from employee suggestions. While you will want to stay within your branding, you can take samples and ask for feedback from employees to see which colours are preferred. You can also get input on common areas and test out colour schemes to see how your team responds. A lot of scientific research is available on colour psychology to boost productivity and reduces stress levels.

Desks & Partitions

Employees should also have a say in their new desks. If you use partitions, you can get input on designs and styles. You could offer a few suggestions and take votes or ask employees to share their ideas. You can also get input on other functional areas, such as coffee rooms, storage areas and even bathrooms or kitchens.

Employees spend 8+ hours per day at the office. Companies strive to let their staff feel comfortable and at home. Speaking to your team and getting input during the office design process will make things easier for all involved, including upper management. Together, you can ensure that your office renovations result in a space that everyone appreciates.

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