Salvocorp believes in the upliftment of the local community, and recently sponsored the Lanseria Kids with shirts and gear.

Tracey Watcham is the managing director for OUTSMART MARKETING, and Salvocorp was delighted to partner with Tracey.  Below is a letter from Tracy about the Lanseria Kids:


As a previous resident on a Lanseria plot, myself and my kids were close to the community of under-privileged children in the area.  

We chatted to the kids on their route to school mornings and evenings… they often needed the most basic items of food and clothing especially the freezing cold winter mornings.

About 5 years ago, we realised that these children didn’t have the opportunity to really feel the Christmas spirit… for most it was another day. Outsmart Marketing decided to host a small Christmas party providing a fun day at the start of the December holidays. We had a list of 20 children who joined us on the plot to enjoy music, party snacks and a small gift each. The day was so full of spirit with singing and dance routines put together by the kids… a beautiful feeling that Christmas should give….

Each year that went by, the list got longer, and the ages varied from 1 year old to 18 years old…. Each year we watched the first children grow into amazing adults – polite and appreciative – helping the younger children to get snacks and drinks as well as handing out the presents. Hula hoops were a firm favourite one year!

We had a Santa shoe box running for a few years with a toiletry item, stationary, a sweet and a practical gift – so many of our friends and family with huge hearts donated!

Our list has now grown to over 85 children! And we are asked from October “when is the Christmas party?” – a big date in their calendars

For 2020 – we will be exploring an after-care facility on the neighbouring plot. A place for these children to go after school instead of to an empty home with no support. They will receive a lunch, extra stationary like cardboard, glue, pens and magazines to support projects as well as help completing homework.

More information to follow….


Thank you again to Salvocorp for your involvement in 2019… It was greatly appreciated by all!

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