Likora Decor arise out of Passion


A finish foil is only approx. 0,075 mm thick. Nevertheless it makes or breaks the success of your product on the market. We produce finish foils, wrapping foils, melamine edgebanding and decor paper for your furniture, profiles and more. Quality-driven and reliable since 1983. Give us a call, we are happy to support you.

Likora Decor arise out of Passion


By closely examining the latest trends in furniture and interior design we are able to constantly develop new and trending decors. That way we assure a perfect fit of our surfaces with your target group. We are happy to assist you in choosing the best designs for your products or make a custom made décor possible that is tailored to your specifications.

Likora Decor arise out of Passion


Being a medium-sized family-run business from based in Horn-Bad Meinberg, we are deeply rooted in Ostwestfalen-Lippe. With our down-to-earth attitude we were able to become a major international partner for the furniture industry and its interior finish sector. Quality-driven, creative, flexible – and of course reliable.

Likora Decor Know how


You can be assured that every step along the production is carried out with the upmost perfection. This is ensured by our competent team and high-performance gravure printing presses for reproduction and initial manufacturing.

Likora Quality and Responsibility


We exclusively work with FSC certified papers and are mindful of a material and environmentally friendly production. Our comprehensive quality management with strict quality assessment assures quality that remains constant throughout the years.

Likora Decor Service


You have a special request? We can help! From the implementation of an individual décor or an urgent delivery date, we do our best to meet your requirements.

About Likora


Likora Decor is a family-owned business based in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany. Since 1983 they have been designing and manufacturing high-end decor and finish foils to the highest technical specifications and aesthetic standards. Together with Salvocorp, Likora is a leading supplier of imitation wood veneer paper foils to the South African furniture industry. Likora’s natural wood designs can be found in many leading furniture retail stores. Likora is constantly looking for innovative ways to the push the boundaries of design and technology in this fast evolving market. They deliver their products worldwide with impeccable service and reliability. This family run business prides itself on their personal touch and has a cutting edge research and development department. This allows them to provide each client, big or small with their own exclusive designs, tailor made to their markets requirements.

Likora Decor arise out of Passion


Classic, elegant or vintage-style: We make sure your product is fitted with a premium look. Regardless if you prefer our trending selection of true to original replicas of wood and natural stone or an individual decor designs.

As foundation for our products we use premium print base papers from FSC certified pulp.



  • 40–120 g/m² Standard widths: 1.270 mm, 1.890 mm, 2.080 mm, 2.200 mm, 2.560 mm, fixed widths possible
  • More than 160 different decors 
  • Individual colour options from 10.000 m² 
  • Painted surfaces as required (uv-dryed or acid catalyzed)
  • Surfaces from high-gloss to dull matt, as well as LIKORA Woodlook and  haptically synchronous 3D-structures. 



  • 50–120 g/m²
  • Standard widths: 400 mm, 910 mm, 1.270 mm, 1.890 mm, 2.080 mm, 2.200 mm, 2.560 mm
  • More than 160 different structures
  • Painted surfaces as required (uv-dryed or acid catalyzed)

Don’t hesitate to contact us for individual wrapping foils for your profiles. We are happy to assist.


You have a limitless number of colours, patterns and decor variations to choose from for your decor papers. Here again, we are happy to develop decors customized to your preferences. 


  • 50–80 g/m²
  • Print width: 1.270 mm, 1.890 mm, 2.080 mm, 2.200 mm, 2.560 mm, fixed widths possible

Due to technical standards the minimum purchase quantity is 1,000 kg

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