FunderMax Lab Tops

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Max Compact Resistance² is both chemical-resistant and highly mechanical resistant. If you know the heart of the matter, you will immediately understand why. Max Resistance² consists of approved and tested raw materials, produced under high temperature and pressure they emerge as a unique compact laminate core to a homogeneous decorative panel. Ideal for all types of laboratories functioning in the hygienic sector, for research centres, hospitals or doctor’s surgery, photo laboratories, food industry, schools, pharmaceutical industry and where absolute cleanliness of a highly resistant surface is demanded. Contact with highly concentrated acids like Nitric or Hydrochloric Acid do not change the surface or color at all, which is unique compared to all other compact worktops (laboratory boards) on the market.

  • Laboratory Furniture, Chemical Surfaces
  • 3660x1630mm, 2300×1300
  • Architects, Designers, Interior Designers, Installers, Contractors
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance | Antimicrobial | Scracth Resistant, Easo of installation | Impact Resistant |Double Sided, Excellent machinability | Resistant to thermal-shock | Heat resistant up to 180 degrees
  • 4-25mm
  • Black
  • Resistance


FunderMax Lab Top Brochure (pdf)
Max Resistance Technical Document. (pdf)

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