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Likora Foils


Likora is a leading supplier of imitation wood veneer paper foils to the South African furniture industry. Likora’s natural wood designs can be found in many leading furniture retail stores. Finish foils, wrapping foils, melamine edge banding and decor paper for your furniture, profiles and more.


We pay attention to a material and resource-saving production. Only FSC-certified papers and formaldehyde-free coating systems are used. Our high quality products are ensured by comprehensive quality management through strict approval testing.


You are the focus! Do you have a specific requirement or an urgent delivery date? Let us know- we will find a solution for you.

Please inquire to confirm lead time and stock availabality. 


Pre-impregnated decor paper for finish foil applications is the perfect choice to produce decorative surfaces for a medium demand that is scratch and wear resistant. It is a very efficient solution for low to medium prized furniture segments, but also great for door skins, coffins, flooring, cabinets and profile molding.

  • Kitchens | Bathrooms | Living Spaces | Corporate | Furniture & Coffins
  • 6ft (1800mm) | 4ft (1250mm) | 3ft (940mm) | Door Skin Sizes (830mm) | All profile required sizes
  • Furniture | Coffins | Flooring | Profiled Molding | Door Industries
  • High quality | Surfaces from high-gloss to dull matt | Individual colour options
  • TBA
  • N/A
  • Various


Likora Catalogue (pdf)


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