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Together with our interior decors you give each room a unique atmosphere. Create new interior moods by combining the different wood designs with the wide range of plain colors. Our enormously durable panel qualities are the ideal basis for a harmonious sense of space with existing buildings.



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  • Likora Foils

    Likora is a leading supplier of imitation wood veneer paper foils to the South African furniture industry. Likora’s natural wood designs can be found in many leading furniture retail stores. Finish foils, wrapping foils, melamine edge banding and decor paper for your furniture, profiles and more.

    • Exterior wall cladding | Doors | Office Furniture | Outdoor Furniture | Balconies and Railings | Molding boards | Roof cladding | Sun-blinds or Louvres
    • TBA
    • Architects, Designers, Interior Designers, Installers, Contractors
    • High quality | Surfaces from high-gloss to dull matt | Individual colour options
    • TBA
    • N/A
    • Various
  • Salvocorp Carbon Compact

    Our Carbon Compact range is made for all interior applications. Aside from its use as washroom cubicles, locker doors, wall panels and laboratory furniture, it can also be used for any other indoor application. The Carbon Compact range is structurally stable, robust, solid and a composite of material manufactured under a high temperature. The core part of the material is compressed using phenolic resin that is impregnated with wood-based saturated virgin fiber kraft paper layers. The finish comes in an anti-fingerprint format giving it a beautiful soft and silky touch.

    • Indoor Application, Cladding, Washrooms, Cubicles, Wall panels, Laboratory Furniture, Kitchen Counters
    • 4200x1400x12mm,4200x1400x10mm,4200x1400x6mm, 3660x1400x12mm, 3660x1400x10mm
    • Architects, Designers, Interior Designers, Installers, Contractors
    • Durable, Quality Manufacturing, Pull out strength, Fire Behavior, Adaptability, Easy to install, Hygienic, Impact Resistant, Does not attract dust, Double Sided
    • 6mm, 10mm, 12mm
    • Black
    • Anti-fingperprint
  • FunderMax Interior Compact

    Dependable, durable and decorative, these carefully developed laminates with dual sided decor are both sleek and robust. Nearly every decor in the Interior Collection range is also available as a Compact Interior panel. And with Compact Interior Individual decor, your creativity will know no limits. Thanks to this extensive selection, these panels blend harmoniously into the overall look of any room – fulfilling your design requirements beautifully.

    • Toilet Cubicles, Lockers, Gyms, Workspaces, Emergency Doors, Doors, Bumper Rails, Work Surfaces, Furniture, Kitchen Counters, Restaurant tables
    • 2140x1060mm, 2800x1300mm, 4100x1300mm, 2800x1854mm, 4100x1854mm
    • Architects, Interior Designers, Kitchen Companies, Shopfitters, Corporates, Yacht Manufacturers, Property Developers, Joiners, Restaurants.
    • Scratch-Resistant | Easy to clean |Solvent Resistant | Impact Resistant | Double Hardened | Static Claimable | Static Claimable | Fire rating approved | Higher coating thickness | Abrasion-resistant | Silcone Free | Certified Quality | Integrated service
    • 2-20mm
    • Black, White
    • Fine Hammer Embossed, Matt
  • FunderMax High Pressure Laminate

    FunderMax HPL laminates are manufactured through a production process of several layers of thin papers that are impregnated with resin, and then compressed under high pressure and at high temperature creating a material that is more versatile and, simultaneously, more visually impressive than almost any other. HPL laminates are a particularly “”tolerant”” material. Abrasion, impacts, scratches and extreme temperature variations – none of these are a problem for decorative HPL. The material is manufactured using a sophisticated technological processes allowing it to handle almost anything and will adapt to a wealth of uses. This makes it the first choice for many applications where quality and design is key.

    • Toilet Cubicles, Lockers, Gyms, Workspaces, Emergency Doors, Doors, Bumper Rails, Work Surfaces, Furniture, Kitchen Counters
    • 2800x1300mm, 4100x1300mm
    • Architects, Interior Designers, Kitchen Companies, Shopfitters, Corporates, Yacht Manufacturers, Property Developers, Joiners
    • HPL is produced by saturating multiple layers of kraft paper with phenolic resin.
      A layer of printed décor paper is placed on top of the kraft paper before pressing.
      The resulting sandwich is fused together under heat and pressure (more than 1,000 PSI).Because phenolic and melamine resins are thermoset plastics, the curing process transforms the resin into plastic by a cross linking process that converts the paper sheets into a single, rigid laminated sheet.Thermosetting creates strong, irreversible bonds that contribute to HPL’s durability HPL is laminated to a panel utilizing a variety of adhesives. Particleboard or MDF are the preferred substrate because they provide a stable, durable, consistent and economical foundation.
    • 0,8mm, 1mm
    • Brown
    • Fine Hammer Embossed, Matt, Structura, Mirror Gloss, Lignum