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Together with our interior decors you give each room a unique atmosphere. Create new interior moods by combining the different wood designs with the wide range of plain colors. Our enormously durable panel qualities are the ideal basis for a harmonious sense of space with existing buildings.




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  • Likora Foils

    Pre-impregnated decor paper for finish foil applications is the perfect choice to produce decorative surfaces for a medium demand that is scratch and wear resistant. It is a very efficient...
  • Salvocorp Carbon Compact

    Our Carbon Compact range is made for all interior applications. Aside from its use as washroom cubicles, locker doors, wall panels and laboratory furniture, it can also be used for...
  • FunderMax Interior Compact

    Dependable, durable and decorative, these carefully developed laminates with dual sided decor are both sleek and robust. Nearly every decor in the Interior Collection range is also available as a...
  • FunderMax High Pressure Laminate

    FunderMax HPL laminates are manufactured through a production process of several layers of thin papers that are impregnated with resin, and then compressed under high pressure and at high temperature...