Inlays into Solid Surface design are becoming more popular, as Solid Surface materials are continuing to grow in popularity with architectural designers world-wide.

The availability of translucent materials coupled with the technological advances with CNC machinery have been instrumental in this trend gaining traction, and more brands are seeking our creative ways to create elevated experiences for their spaces.

By crafting light and inlays to work in new, interesting ways, you can reimagine your corporate identity and elevate it with a fresh new look. Blending different colours with inconspicuous lines makes a statement, celebrating it.

Crafting with Imagination

Solid surface is a non-porous, renewable, low-maintenance countertop surface. The Solid Surface Inlay Works is a man-made product, it has the ability to mimic the appearance of stone, wood and other naturally occurring materials, yet can be joined nearly invisibly by a trained craftsman.

Typically manufactured in sheet form for fabrication into finished countertops, solid surface can also be cast into a variety of shapes, including sinks, shower pans and even bathtubs.

With over 150 colours in our range, Staron solid surfaces unleash creativity like never before and allow your design vision to flourish and expand, allowing you to fully express who you are.

Due to the technical experience required to manufacture inlay work, only qualified installers are allowed to work with full acrylic solid surface materials.

Specify with Salvocorp

Although Salvocorp always carries core colour ranges, kindly remember to always confirm stock levels and the lead times with a Salvocorp representative.  It is also important to let representatives know when products are specified so that the councils can start to communicate with the fabricators and installers as soon as possible to ensure availability and to assist with any technical data and questions.

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