Hosted by the Kitchen Specialist Association


Salvocorp was delighted to be a part of the hugely successful Industry Showcase, an annual event hosted by KSA in Gauteng at Boardmart, on 05 June 2019. This event welcomed members of trade, businesses, and suppliers to get together and network, sharing new products and discovering new industry trends.

KSA treated all attendees to a gourmet food truck experience, as well as refreshing drinks, music, and fantastic lucky draw prizes. The Kitchen Specialists Association strives to be the benchmark of professionalism, craftmanship and fair dealing, and events like the KSA’s initiatives drive innovation, and result in a sense of positivism and optimism in the market.

Thank you to the KSA for making events like these a reality.

As one of the hosts of the Industry Showcase, our Salvocorp stand featured many innovative kitchen solutions, but a key sample on display was the Staron Solid Surfaces range; an impeccable material that is highly suited to the kitchen industry. Once considered just ‘trendy’; 50-years later and solid surfaces are now an established mainstay in kitchens, and is the top choice for kitchen countertop solutions



The advantages of solid surfaces for kitchen are numerous, ranging from function to affordability.  Here are our Top 5 Reasons for considering Staron Solid Surfaces for kitchen countertops:

  • DAMAGE AND REPAIR: Solid Surfaces are notoriously easy to repair, generally requiring an orbital sander and fine sandpaper to fix minor scratches and damages. This is due to the homogenous nature of the product- a cross-section of the material shows you can keep delving deeper into it and you’ll still get the same product. An absolute must for damage repair!
  • ANTIBACTERIAL & ANTIMICROBIAL: Solid Surfaces are non-porous, meaning that germs and bacteria cannot penetrate the material- unlike wood, stone, and tiling grouts.  Inconspicuous joints creates a seamless canvas that’s suitable for food prep- and only requires a gentle wipe down daily.
  • STRENGTH & DURABILITY: Unlike granite and other counter top equivalents that crack, solid surface products can re-polished, resulting in a surface that lasts longer and keeps its original quality for years to come.
  • DESIGN & ADAPTABILITY: Staron Solid Surfaces can be thermoformed to suit any shape or idea, including columns and free-flowing curves. This manufacturing process allows for the plastic sheets to moulded and finished to any specification, transforming great ideas into statement spaces.

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