Technology and social media made the world a smaller place; a country is only a flight away, a meeting is a simple click on SKYPE, and the latest trends are discussed on all the up-to-date platforms. 

Everyone expected that the world would end at the beginning of the new millennium.  But nothing happened, which made us as a global society even more confident.  We also managed to survive the 2008 financial crisis.  As a global family we all knew that something like Covid19 could happen, but we underestimated its impact when it finally hit the world and economy. This initially seemed like pure science-fiction from superhero movies. But the opposite was true…

The world is in shock.  And, just like an earthquake, we are going to experience the aftershocks for a very long time to come.

However, we have proved in the past that we are survivors.  The human species will get through this crisis and will survive its aftermath, so it’s important to keep planning and focusing on the future.  There are plenty of articles and columns about surviving this crisis, but Salvocorp would like to focus on other practical tips that specifiers, architects, and fabricators should bear in mind:




One thing is certain:  Change is inevitable.  And after the Corona crisis the world will be ready for change, so challenge yourself to constantly think out of the box and re-strategise if necessary.  The major challenge is to figure out how to make money in a global economy that has come to a standstill, and we know that this will not be easy. 

With change also comes much needed communication.  Keep the channels open.  Ask questions.  Work together to overcome every conceivable challenge.  For instance, talk to us about stock, quantities, pricing and methods of payment. Our team is always ready and available to work with you and to find solutions that are beneficial for all parties concerned.


Let’s be honest. Everyone likes a discount.  Nobody wants increases.  However, the reality is that the Rand was under severe pressure prior to lockdown, and has taken a further dip during the global pandemic.  We are all hoping that South Africa’s currency will eventually improve, but the fact is that price increases are going to happen across all platforms and businesses.


A lot of our orders were affected when the lockdown occurred.  Production on certain products were immediately put on hold and containers were delayed at sea or ports.  Please keep this unfortunate situation in mind when planning your projects.

We suggest always asking for stock levels on colours prior to ordering.  Remember normal lead times to bring in stock for projects is between 10 to 12 weeks.

Salvocorp will communicate any delays with customers.


This point goes hand in hand with the first point.  Always communicate.  Even though times are tough, try to keep your payments up to date and communicate any changes as soon as you can. When you appoint fabricators/installers, kindly ensure that you appoint companies that are in good standing with other businesses.   It will be challenging for installers to place big orders for projects if their accounts are not up to date.

We are grateful to everyone who has followed the health and lockdown precautions, and we wish you and your family health and safety. Together, we look forward to kickstarting our economy again, and making the most of 2020.

Remember: The recipe for success is when opportunity meets hard work.

Specify with Salvocorp

Although Salvocorp always carries core colour ranges, kindly remember to always confirm stock levels and the lead times with a Salvocorp representative.  It is also important to let representatives know when products are specified so that the councils can start to communicate with the fabricators and installers as soon as possible to ensure availability and to assist with any technical data and questions.

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