Whether you are an architect or a designer trying to plan the ideal balconies for a multi-storey complex, Compact Exterior by FunderMax is definitely the best choice. This material is highly versatile and functional, allowing you to get creative with colour and style without sacrificing safety or quality.

Balconies essentially form part of the building’s facade, covering designated areas and allowing residents to safely enjoy their outdoor space without any risk. Although balconies need to adhere to regulations – most of them incredibly rigid and planned according to local planning laws – balconies should also be visually appealing. Boring balconies in forgettable neutrals or institutional tones can harm the image of the entire complex. Bright, bold, striking balconies, on the other hand, make complexes instantly recognisable. Bold balconies can even help complexes become notable landmarks.

Choosing Compact Exterior for Your Balconies

In addition to choosing colour schemes and overall materials, planners need to choose balcony cladding that stands out in all the right ways. The Compact Exterior range from FunderMax helps to create visually interesting balconies, with facades that are offered in a wide range of colours and styles.

Some of the biggest benefits offered by this range include the following:

Colour range.

A wide choice of colours is available in this range. Choose brighter colours that contrast against the brick or concrete of the building. Try patterned panels that add even more effect. Opt for a multi-coloured look that can be structured in such a way that it highlights individual floors, or in an unfixed way to enhance the bold look. Wood grain finishes are available for a more realistic look, while simple neutral tones are also offered for those who prefer a look that is not as bold.

Easy maintenance.

With their seamless, smooth finish, these panels are easy to clean and withstand a wide range of weather conditions. They will not be damaged in rain or other conditions and will withstand daily wear and tear, even after numerous years. The facade requires very little upkeep, with no wood or other materials that can rot or fade over time. These panels are even resistant to solvents and other chemicals, further adding to their longevity and easy upkeep.

With plenty of benefits and a wide range of styles on offer, this range makes the ideal choice for balconies. Visit our FunderMax Exterior page to view the full range of Compact Exterior options available at Salvocorp.

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