Versatile, practical and ideally suited to a wide range of applications, Max Compact by FunderMax Interior offers the ideal choice for office furniture design. This material is a high pressure laminate (HPL) that is specifically made for heavy-duty usage. For cubicles, wall cladding and similar structures, this material allows you to create a wide variety of office structures.

Why Specify Max Compact Products for Your Office Furniture Design Projects?

There are numerous benefits offered by the Max Compact range for many environments. For office furniture design, the top benefits are as follows:


These interior finishing panels are highly adaptable, allowing you to create a wide range of meeting rooms, work areas, relaxation areas, desks, columns, staff patios, fitted tables, specialist equipment or space and various other structures. It can also be used for wall cladding and railing infill panels. Double-sided panels are also offered and Compact can be used in both decorative and non-decorative applications.


With this practicality comes a high degree of versatility. The entire FunderMax Interior range has been carefully manufactured according to rigid quality guidelines to ensure a versatile, flexible product that can adapt to your needs. Along with creating custom-made furniture for your office, you can also craft your furniture to be in line with your brand colours and style. Interior cladding can be used to create unique reception areas, branded employee recreation rooms, eye-catching client rooms and just about any other type of space imaginable. A wide range of colours and styles are available to further enhance your office branding.


High pressure laminates are known for their practical properties that make them easy to install and clean, resistant to scratches and other surface damage, resistant to moisture, chemicals, and easy to maintain. For high traffic and low traffic areas, this makes Compact the ideal choice. Thanks to its hardy, low-maintenance features, your office furniture will last for many years to come.

Salvocorp offers a wide range of FunderMax products to suit both commercial and private project requirements. View our range of FunderMax Compact Interior products to get started or contact us today with any questions you may have.

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