Why AMA Specified Exterior Creek for Lakeside Exxaro

Although exterior cladding is not typically used for interiors, FunderMax Exterior Creek offered the ideal solution for a recent project by AMA Architects. Used for the Lakeside Exxaro project to create a holistic feel, the m.look panels also increase the new building’s protection against fire and other damage. FunderMax m.look panels provide an advanced fire-resistant material that is creative and visually appealing. This material has a double hardened acrylic surface on both sides, along with a strong concrete core. This exterior cladding is suited to any application that is required to meet fire classifications such as A2-s1,d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1 regulations.

Why Exterior Cladding Was the Ideal Choice for the Lakeside Exxaro Project.

To find out more about why AMA Architects chose Max Exterior cladding in Creek, we asked the group some questions on the recent project.

In selecting a woodgrain, was your choice of finish based on popular demand or due to the holistic feel you were trying to create in the building?

We wanted the Creek woodgrain due to the warmth it gave the finishes and area. We also wanted a woodgrain featuring a realistic grain that would be visible from a distance. This enhanced the overall effect.

In relation to the application typically used for interior, could you elaborate why an exterior product was specified?

The fire safety requirements in this office block were that only a fire rated product could be used. As a result, the exterior version of the product was used in the interior to comply with the fire rating. Also, the cladding was used in an atrium. That means that there is a chance that UV may come into play and it is better that the product does not fade.

After seeing the product installed and how incredible it looks and the site is still moving towards completion, do you feel this is a product you would specify again for similar applications?

In terms of the fire rating needed and the palette we worked with, we could definitely specify this product again.

Max Exterior panels are high pressure laminates that do not only offer a non combustible fire rating, but also protection against sunlight and other elements. Thanks to their strong core, this material provides maximum fire resistance, allowing it to meet even the most stringent building codes.

Visit the official FunderMax website to learn more about the Max Exterior range. You can also contact Salvocorp to find out more about our range of fire-resistant exterior cladding.

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